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Utah Counties

Where Serenity and Civilization Perfectly Coalesce
Iron County, Utah

South Utah Land is some of the World´s most beautiful Mountain-View Property!

Property in Utah has recently been hailed as some of the most exquisite land to buy. Cedar City real estate, Millard and Beaver County properties in particular have seen a marked interest over the past few years. People are increasingly beginning to discover the natural beauty and serenity offered by property in Utah-and so can you.

Utah is dedicated to Healthy Growth and Investment Value, such as Grow Utah, "a privately funded, non-profit organization dedicated to accelerate the creation of innovative, entrepreneur-led, high-growth businesses that will strengthen and expand the future growth of Utah’s economy."

Browse the various lots for sale in Utah listed on our home page to see some of the best real estate investments Utah has to offer. Whether you like to fish, hike or bike, you'll agree that the land properties for sale in Utah today are remarkable and affordable. Even if you're just buying property in Utah to build a getaway home, you will look back on your purchase as one of the smartest decisions you've ever made. Remember, the value of land never plummets!

Because we are a family-owned business and we've been through the process ourselves, we understand how difficult and trying it can be to scout out valuable property and secure it at a price everyone can live with. Let us assist you in doing the legwork for your next land property purchase so you can eliminate some of the worry. Keep in mind that buying land for a home in South Utah isn't just an investment; it's a step towards the fruition of your dreams and hard work.

Iron County, Millard County, Beaver, Kane, Juab & Duchesne Counties are just part of the South Utah area where we currently have listings. (View Listing Page)

Some of the National Parks nearby: Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Lake Powell National Recreation Area, Canyonlands National Park, Dixie National Forest and Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument.

Ideal for Hiking, Skiing, Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing, ATV / 4x4 Tours, Biking, Cattle Drives, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, River Running, Snow-mobiling or just appreciate the colorful sandstone canyons, hot rocky deserts, and cool forested plateaus!

We have South Utah Land for Sale near: Cedar City, Brian Head, Panguitch Lake, Duck Creek Village, Kanab, Delta, Lund, Beryl Junction, Milford, Hinckley, and Minersville.

Visit the Deseret News list of the: Top Utah Getaway Destinations

- Cedar City Area Info -

Annual Weather

  • Precipitation.... 10.6 inches
  • Snowfall..............45.5inches
  • Wind Speed...........8.48mph
  • Humidity........48.2%
  • Visibility.........15+miles
  • Clear Days........310 per year

  • Elevation ..... 5,857ft

    Distances to Major Attractions

  • Zion's National Park 62 miles
  • Brian Head Resort 38 miles
  • Cedar Breaks Natl Monument 20 miles
  • Duck Creek 25 miles
  • Navajo Lake 23 miles
  • Kolob Canyons 20 miles
  • Bryce Canyon 79 miles
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes 103 miles
  • Arches Natl Monument 288 miles
  • Learn More about Cedar City, Utah

    2.18 ACRES, Beryl UT
    Escalante Valley Sub
    Highway Frontage Property

    View Land
    2.18 Acres Beryl UT
    .21 ACRES
    R2 Lot
    Cedar City, Utah

    View Land
    R2 Lot,Cedar City, Utah
    40 ACRES
    Cedar City, Utah
    Can be SubDivided!

    View Land
    40 acres Cedar City, Utah
    20 ACRES
    South of Cedar City, Utah
    Power & Water Rights!

    View Land
    20 ACRES South of Cedar City, Utah

    Counties of UtahUtah has 29 Counties
    (approx. 790 cities and towns)

    Iron County, Millard County, Beaver, Garfield, Kane, Juab & Duchesne Counties are just part of the South Utah area where we currently have listings.

    Scroll down to learn more about South Utah ... Land of limitless possiblities!


    Iron County

    Iron County Points of interest:

    Cedar Breaks National Monument, Iron Mission State Historic Park in Cedar City, South Utah State College, Utah Shakespearean Festival, Brian Head Resort,
    Old Rock Church, Jesse N. Smith Home

    9.24 ACRES
    With POWER!
    Escalante Valley Ranchos

    View Land
    9 Acres Escalante Valley Ranchos, Utah
    40 ACRES
    Near Cedar City, Utah
    Perfect Size, Great Location!

    View Land
    40 Acres
    20 ACRES
    Near Lund, Utah!

    View Land
    20 ACRES Lund, UT
    21.06 ACRES
    Iron Town Road Cedar City
    Treed Parcel with Power!

    View Land
    21.06 Acres, Iron Town Road,Utah

    Historic Sites in Iron County Dominquez -
    Escalante Expediton Trail, Old Iron Town Ruins, Jefferson Hunt Monument, Parawon Gap, Johnson's Fort, Ghost towns, Gold Springs, Stateline, Lund, Modena, Utah

    Iron County, UT

    Adventures in Iron County
    Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, Golden Spike National Historic Sites, Historic Piute County Courthouse, Panquitch, Utah, Beaver, Utah, Ancient Fremont Indian Culture

    Iron County, Utah is Outdoor Enthusiasts Dream! Hiking, Skiing, Horseback Riding, Aerial Tours, ATV / 4x4 Tours, Biking, Camping, Mountain Vistas, Fishing, Golfing, Hunting, Museums, Paintball, Ranch Activities, Rapelling, River Running, Shopping, Snowmobiling, Shakespeare Festival, National Forests and Parks.


    Lund, Utah - Iron County

    Lund and Beryl are both located about 50 miles west of Cedar City at the base of the Wah Wah Mountains
    Distance from Lund to Salt Lake City: 346.4 miles
    Location of Lund: 38.00890N 113.43615W
    Elevation of Lund: 5,081' (1,549m)

    20 ACRES
    Near Lund, Utah!

    View Land
    20 ACRES Lund, UT
    316.9 ACRES
    Half-Section Opportunity
    Beryl, Utah

    View Land
    Half Section, Utah

    Millard County

    Millard County, UT
    Millard County
    Area: 6,818 square miles;
    Population: 12,420 (in 2000);
    Principal cities/towns: Delta (3,085), Fillmore (2,089)
    Millard County gateway to Great Basin National Park is one of 29 counties in Utah. Estimated population 12,662 (2013).
    Millard County Communities: Delta, Deseret, Fillmore, Flowell, Hinckley, Kanosh, Leamington, Lynndyl, Meadow, Oak City, Scipio.

    Millard County Recreational and Cultural Opportunities:
    • -Rock Hounding, Camping, Fishing
    • -Miles of ATV Trails & Boating Areas
    • -Scenic Vistas, Incredible Sunsets
    • -Horseback Riding, Equestrian Events -Golf Courses, Recreational Parks
    • -Museums & Cultural Events
    • -Local Airports & Industrial Parks
    • -Rural, Leisurely Lifestyles
    Millard County offers a wide variety of terrain ranging from high, forested mountains to desert lowlands. The area includes a surprising number of lakes and streams, with diverse ecosystems supporting mule deer, elk, pronghorn, cougars, coyotes, waterfowl, swans, eagles, falcons and many other birds, mammals and reptiles.

    Four beautiful seasons compliment Millard County's healthy outdoor lifestyle. The average precipitation is just over 14 inches, with very low relative humidity.

    People come here from around the world to rock hound for trilobites, topaz, red beryl and other valuable or interesting rocks, fossils and minerals.

    Millard County, UT

    Millard County offers hundreds of miles of ATV trails, including sections of the famed Paiute Trail.

    520 ACRES
    Hinckley, Utah
    Private & Secluded

    View Land
    520 ACRES Hinckley, Utah

    Millard County offers wide open spaces and rugged backcountry, with virtually unlimited opportunity for recreation. You can find solitude here. There is space to pursue your interests... space to enjoy yourself.

    Notes about Obsidian in the

    Black Rock Desert, Millard County

    Utah Geological Survey

    Geologic information: Approximately 2.5 million years ago (late Tertiary Period), volcanic eruptions in the Black Spring area of the Black Rock Desert in western Utah spewed out the volcanic rocks rhyolite, pumice, and obsidian.

    Obsidian is a dark-colored volcanic glass formed when molten lava cools quickly. It is usually black but colored varieties range from brown to red. Snowflake obsidian, a black obsidian with whitish-gray spots (spherulites) of radiating needle-shaped cristobalite (high-temperature quartz) crystals, is also found in the Black Rock Desert. Obsidian has been used for arrowheads and primitive cutting tools, and is presently used for jewelry.

    How to get to Black Rock Desert: From the west edge of Delta, Utah, travel west on U.S. Highway 6/50 about 4.3 miles to the State Highway 257 junction. Turn south on highway 257 and travel approximately 43 miles to a BLM sign displaying "Kanosh 26" and a dirt road heading east. Turn east onto the dirt road and travel 6 miles to the sign for Black Spring. Turn right onto the Black Spring dirt road and park in the open area across from the watering trough.


    Garfield County, Utah

    As of the 2010 census, the population of Garfield County was 5,172.

    Its county seat and largest city is Panguitch.

    The Colorado River, passing through a deep gorge, forms the eastern boundary.

    Westward, the cliffs of tributary canyons give way to the barren stretches of the San Rafael Desert, beyond which a variety of mountains, plateaus and canyons make up the terrain.

    Most of Bryce Canyon National Park lies in the southwestern part of the county and the northern half of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument occupies the middle of the county.

    3 Bedroom Ranch Home
    Coyotes N' Cowboys Line
    Camp Subdivision

    Garfield County, Utah

    View Home
    3 Bedroom Home
    .05 ACRES, Panguitch
    Beaver Dam Village
    Lake view lot

    View Land
    .05 Acres Panguitch, Utah
    .39 ACRES
    Panguitch Lake
    Getaway Spot!

    View Land
    .39 Acres Panguitch Lake

    Beaver County

    Beaver County, UT
    Beaver County is one of 29 counties in Utah.
    The estimated population in 2004 was 6,077.
    This was an increase of 1.20% from the 2000 census.
    In 2002, the per capita personal income
    in Beaver County was $24,111.
    This was an increase of 45.4% from 1997.
    Hotels in Beaver County include:
    Best Western Butch Cassidy Inn, Comfort Inn & Suites, Days Inn, Oak Tree Inn Milford

    440 ACRES
    Amazing Large Parcel!
    SW of Milford

    View Land
    440 ACRES Milford, Utah
    720 ACRES
    Milford, Utah
    Beaver County

    View Land
    720 ACRES Milford, Utah
    120 ACRES
    6 miles NW of Milford
    Along the foothills!

    80 Acre + 40 Acre Prices
    View Land
    120 ACRES Milford, Utah
    120 ACRES
    Milford, Utah
    near Black Rock

    View Land
    120 Acres Milford, Utah

    Minersville is a small town nestled in the foothills about 18 miles west of Beaver. It sits in a small picturesque valley surrounded by mountains with a meandering river close by. In 1852, lead was discovered at the Lincoln Mine. Recovery furnaces were built in 1858, and the town of Minersville was founded nearby in 1859. An attempt was made by a group of saints, sent by Brigham Young, to produce bullets from the Lincoln Mine ore bullets to fight off the fast approaching Johnson's Army, but there was an element in the lead that made it too hard. That element turned out to be the silver that made Beaver County famous. Today, Minersville is a thriving community of about 800 people consisting mainly of people working with agriculture. Every August Minersville is the site of the annual Beaver County Fair.

    80 Acres
    Beaver County
    Paved Road Frontage

    View Land
    80 Acres, Milford, Utah

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