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About Us

Jesse Brown
Jesse Brown developed a love for real estate at a young age.
At the age of eighteen he started buying and selling his own land.
Twenty years later, Jesse has become an expert in southern Utah land and home sales.

After obtaining a Business Management degree from Southern Utah University, working hard to develop a network of professionals in the mortgage, title, legal, inspection, engineering and building industries, Jesse has the local market knowledge, education, and connections to help people meet their real estate goals.

We're a Family-Owned business.
We only sell land where we own land ourselves.
We chose Southern Utah to build our dream home because...
it offers something for everyone!

Its natural beauty, skiing & snowmobiling in winter, plenty of wildlife & lakes for fishing & hunting,
State & National Parks for camping & hiking,
are all within min. of Cedar City and just 2 ½ hr from Las Vegas-
the Perfect Getaway even from Los Angeles!

Come to Utah!

Whether you want to build your dream house now - or invest in the future -
land still is, and always will be, the safest investment.

All of the photos in the listings were taken on the actual land.
Most of our parcels come with Water Rights included.
Property is transferred with a Warranty Deed, the "best" deed there is, as well as Title Insurance.

Just imagine owning your own secluded mountain getaway,
with million-dollar views, your horses, and deer and other wildlife on your property.

Enjoy Year-round open fishing, Hunting (elk to wild turkey and everything in between), over 100 Golf Courses, Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, Rock climbing, Sailing on the Great Salt Lake, White-water rafting, kayaking, Cross-country skiing, Boating,
water-skiing, Hot-air ballooning, Horseback riding, Hang-gliding, flying, Bird watching, camping and much much more!

With Owner-Financing available, there's nothing to keep you from owning land in Utah.
You can pay cash or we will finance you with easy terms to fit your budget.

Come to Utah!

Utah is a Powerhouse of Economic Opportunity in Real Estate

Utah has developed quite the reputation in recent years as a place of prosperity, even during tough times. There are few other states that have received national recognition for opportunity and growth as Utah has, and there are several reasons why. If you are looking for a place to invest in real estate, it's difficult to find a state that is performing well on all cylinders the way Utah has been:

Fastest Growing State and Fastest Growing Cities

When considering any investment opportunity, there's always looking at supply and demand. Investors like the fact that Utah was ranked by CBS and others as being in the top ten fastest growing states in the U.S., coming in at #2. They also love that the State's largest city, Salt Lake, is ranked by Forbes as being ranked at #5 as the fastest growing city in the country. Whenever more people are moving in than moving out, you can count on the real estate market to expand and grow exponentially.

Best Environment for Businesses to Come and Grow

Utah has always done well when it comes to supporting its businesses. The different communities have advocated supporting products that are made locally. The State legislature has had a strong record when creating laws that are business friendly and allow for businesses of all sizes to prosper. Utah's business record has been reported by some of the most reputable business organizations, including Forbes and Beacon Hill as the number #1 place for business. That slot at the top is just one of the many reasons Utah and Salt Lake have seen ongoing growth, but it's a big component for those looking to find profitable commercial real estate opportunities. It's hard to find a safer place to put your money in business-related properties than in the number one business State.

Housing Market is Booming Again

Thanks to the State's growth rate and business interest, the housing market has fully recovered from the recession. In fact, it's back to where it was eight years ago. Although the trend upward will likely have plateaus, it's back to a healthy place. The good news for investors and for home buyers wanting to move to Utah is that there are still good deals available. If you don't want to pay maximum market price, you can still find something that meets your needs and price range. The steady trend in growth, supply and demand, and business interest make home investments a unique opportunity in Utah.

Unemployment Rate Has Stayed Well Below National Average

Aside from all of the reasons above for why people like Utah. It's important to mention why people stay. The unemployment rate is under five percent, and it's been among the lowest throughout the recession. People stay not only because Utah is a great place, but it's a place that has been able to create new jobs and keep jobs even in tough times. Whenever you are considering investing in real estate, low unemployment rates factor how many people are able to buy homes and keep the market going when the going gets tough.
Utah has proven it knows how to weather the storm.

Although there has been some job recovery nationally, and although some states have seen growth and prosperity, there are few places that are doing even close to as well as Utah. If your interest is in safe real estate investing, or even home flipping or other, more risky ventures, Utah has the fundamentals you are likely looking for in an investment environment.
It's a place many people have had a lot of success investing in the past few decades, and worth looking into.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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home about_us utah counties utah maps utah photos cedar city, utah brian head, utah zion national park dixie national forest email us